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Coyote Places the Stars

Picture Books

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Isbn: 9780689815355

Publisher: Aladdin, 1997


  • Taylor, Harriet Peck


One evening, crafty coyote climbs the moon to discover the secrets of the heavens. Instead, he finds a way to make the most wonderful pictures for all the world to see. The next night, the other animals of the canyon look up to the sky, where they see a big surprise! Based on a Wasco Indian legend, this story about the origin of the constellations is joyfully retold and vibrantly illustrated.

Publishers Weekly

Based on a Wasco Indian story, this arresting picture book debut posits how star constellations came to be. One night Coyote climbs to the moon on a ladder made of arrows in order to discover the secrets of the heavens. There he rearranges the stars ``to make pictures in the sky.'' Afterwards he invites his animal friends to see his creations, and all search for their likenesses in the night air. Taylor's down-to-earth presentation of this magical story adds to its charm. Coyote is a likable fellow, and the arrogance underlying his desire to meddle with the stars is easily forgiven. Striking, batik-like illustrations, on cotton fabric painted with dyes, show violet skies sprinkled with stars, and layered landscapes scenically detailed. This book pulses with the effervescent joy of color and creation, and children will love being swirled into its center. Ages 4-7. (Sept.)


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