About us

What We Are

A playful, unique marketplace dedicated to used children’s books that helps parents and kids get books locally in their native language and offer them a second life!

I’m Aurel, father of a pretty little 4-year-old girl who loves books and bedtime stories. As expatriates, my wife and I struggled to find books in our native language to complete our daughter’s book collection and give her that language exposure that helps connect her to our origin.

I’ve used various strategies to update my daughter’s library. I asked our visiting family or friends to bring a bunch of books from France, I brought back such books in my luggage from any trips to the home country, and I also bought new books from the local French bookstores (this last option is way more expensive).

Above all these, I think using and reusing books locally is a real opportunity for all parents out there who are in the same situation. I believe the local foreign-speaking communities are a great source of books to find an extensive and affordable source of children’s books in their native language as well as a chance to educate our children to adopt actions for sustainable living.

That’s why I created suno.space. I hope that you will find it useful and use it to provide that source of books to your community and offer them a second life!

— Aurel Bonnet, Founder